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Techniques and Experiments for Organic Chemistry, Sixth Edition

Addison Ault Cornell College

Key Features of This Edition:

  • Provides information on safety, glassware, lab cleanup, collection and disposal of waste, preparation of the laboratory notebook, and use of the chemical literature.
  • Provides clear instructions on how to perform the procedures that are used.
  • Appeals to the esthetic dimension by offering experiments in a variety of scales –from micro scale to semi-micro and to 5- and 10-gram scale.
  • Includes descriptions of the interpretation of IR, UV/Vis, NMR and mass spectra.
  • Gives procedures for the isolation of organic compounds from familiar materials such as nutmeg, cloves, citrus rind, tea, cola, NoDoz, aspirin, ibuprofen, milk and gallstones.
  • Gives “recipes” for the preparation of organic compounds that illustrate many of the reactions that are discussed in the lecture part of the course.
  • Gives procedures for the preparation of compounds with interesting properties: compounds that produce light, change color when heated, have different colors in different solvents, or turn blue in the sun.
  • Includes the famous “bootstrap synthesis”: the preparation of two molecules from one.
  • Includes procedures for the preparation of 7 different compounds from vanillin.