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Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

Eric V. Anslyn The University of Texas, Austin
Dennis A. Dougherty California Institute of Technology


Chapter 1: Introduction to Structure and Models of Bonding

Chapter 2: Strain and Stability

Chapter 3: Solutions and Noncovalent Binding Forces

Chapter 4: Molecular Recognition and Supramolecular Chemistry

Chapter 5: Acid-Base Chemistry

Chapter 6: Stereochemistry

Chapter 7: Energy, Surfaces and Kinetic Analyses

Chapter 8: Experiments Related to Thermodynamics and Kinetics

Chapter 9: Catalysis

Chapter 10: Organic Reaction Mechanisms Part 1: Reactions Involving Additions and/or Elimitations

Chapter 11: Organic Reaction Mechanisms Part II: Substitutions at Aliphatic Centers and Thermal Isomerizations/Rearrangements

Chapter 12: Organotransition Metal Reaction Mechanisms and Catalysis

Chapter 13: Organic Polymer and Materials Chemistry

Chapter 14: Advanced Concepts in Electronic Structure Theory

Chapter 15: Thermal Pericyclic Reactions

Chapter 16: Photochemistry

Chapter 17: Electronic Organic Materials