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Introduction to Molecular Thermodynamics

Robert M. Hanson St. Olaf College
Susan Green St. Olaf College

Errata for the 4th Printing

p. 169 The Solution for 9.14a should read –2147.5 for [1]U/kJ.

Errata for the 1st Printing

p. 38 formula after “or” on a line by itself should read:

n1 = n0xn2 = n0x2, n3 = n0x3, etc.

p. 45 graphic. Some lines of Cl2 graph are missing.

p. 70 Figure 3.18 top line above “pumping” should read 1s12s1, not 1s22s1

p. 73 Problem 3.7 should refer to ε1,2 not ε0,1

p 156 Problem 8.6. Strike , and (d) based on mole fraction

p 169 Problem 9.9(a) equation should read N2H4(l) + 3 O2(g) à 2 NO2(g) + 2 H2O

p 169 Problem 9.14(c) C2H5NO2 is not specific enough. It should read CH3CH2NO2

p 188 Problem 10.12 First sentence should read: Create a table for the reaction of one mole of solid I2 going to one mole of gaseous I2.

p 188 Problem 10.18 Insert “(c)” prior to “Which explains best…”; in last sentence change “disorder” to “constraints”

p 201 space character missing between “2” and “NH3” in first chemical equation.

p 240 Figure 13.9. 2nd arrow from left, from b up to line 3, should be reversed, pointing up, not down.

p 287 answer 1.17(b) should be 0.25, not 4.00

p 282 missing data: HNO3(l) ΔfHo = -173.23, ΔfGo = -79.91, So = 155.60

p 289 answer 6.9 answers (b) and (c) should be switched

p 290 answer 9.5(a) should read 1.047 kJ

p 290 answer 9.9(a) should read -4.67.91 kJ/mol (c) should read +397.32 kJ, not -397.32

p 292 Problem 13.18(c) should read 1.001 V, -400 kJ, 2.3 x 1035.