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Classical Mechanics Student Solutions Manual

John R. Taylor University of Colorado


Page 27, Solution for Problem 2.36

            At the end of line 2 of the solution, replace “130 m/s” by “88.5 m/s.”

            On the second to last line of part (b), replace “60.58 m” by “59.79 m” and replace “38 cm” by “1.17 m”

            On the last line, replace “a little more than a foot” by “a little less than 4 feet.”

Page 57, Solution for Problem 4.36

            In the last two expressions in the displayed equation of part (a) and in the whole of part (b), the symbols m and M should be interchanged.

Page 63, Solution for Problem 4.53 (b)

            Delete the subscripts 1 and 2 from the two masses.

Page 68, Line 4 of Problem 5.17:

            Replace the phrase “… and in the second the …” with

                        “… and in the third the …”

Page 103, line 3:

            The last term on the right should contain a factor of R.

Page 106, second to last line

            After the given expression for the frequency, insert

                        = sqrt(3 g / 2 r_o),  since  l / m = sqrt(g r_o^3)

Page 109, Equation (xiv):

            The coefficient 8 of the second term on the left should be a 4.

Page 208, line 2 of Problem 13.10:

            The plus sign in the first equation should be a minus.

Page 209, equation on line 1:

            The plus sign before the term K y should be a minus.

Page 209, lines 6,7, and 8:

            Delete the minus sign in front of all four terms involving K and change the word “negative” to “positive.”