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Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules

Nicholas J. Turro Columbia University
V. Ramamurthy University of Miami
J. C. Scaiano University of Ottawa

Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules is a comprehensive revision of Turro's classic text, Modern Molecular Photochemistry, which has been the standard of the field for three decades.

Print Book, ISBN 978-1-891389-25-2, US $150
eBook, eISBN 978-1-938787-53-9, US $90
Copyright 2010
1110 pages, Casebound


Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules is a comprehensive revision of Turro’s classic text, Modern Molecular Photochemistry, which has been the standard of the field for three decades. For a crystal-clear introduction to organic photochemistry in pictorial terms, this book comprises all of the same introductory chapters that make up Principles of Molecular Photochemistry, but then goes on to provide  additional chapters that cover the methods for determining the mechanisms of organic photoreactions, and describe comprehensively the photochemistry of the basic functional groups of organic chemistry. The text also includes special topic chapters on supramolecule organic photochemistry, the first of its kind,  and the role of triplet and singlet molecular oxygen in organic photochemistry.This text will be of interest to not only practicing photochemists and their students, but also to biological scientists, polymer scientists, material scientists and nanoscientists who use photochemistry and photophysics in their research and teaching.  For adopting professors, an art CD of figures from the book is also available.

Translated into Chinese.


  • Art from the book may be downloaded by adopting professors.


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Table of Contents

1. Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Compounds: An Overview
2. Electronic, Vibrational, and Spin Configurations of Electronically Excited States
3. Transitions between States: Photophysical Processes
4. Radiative Transitions between Electronic States
5. Photophysical Radiationless Transitions
6. A Theory of Molecular Organic Photochemistyr
7. Energy Transfer and Electron Transfer
8. Mechanistic Organic Photochemistry
9. Photochemistry of Carbonyl Compounds
10. Photochemistry of Olefins
11. Photochemistry of Enones and Dienones
12. Photochemistry of Aromatic Molecules
13. Supramolecular Organic Photochemistry
14. Molecular Oxygen and Organic Photochemistry
15. A Generalization of the Photochemistry of Organic Molecules



“I strongly recommend this comprehensive and brilliant book to graduate and advanced undergraduate students.”
-Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

“The book could be used as an undergraduate text as well as an encyclopaedic reference work covering the breadth of photochemistry….A must for newcomers to the field and as a reference for established practitioners.”
-The Times Higher

“This book provides a solid theoretical background that integrates well with the experimental examples and practical applications…The knowledgeable organic photochemist will find much to learn from MMPOM, as will practitioners in the fields of chemical biology, polymer chemistry, materials science, and nanoscience who use organic photochemsitry.”
-Journal of the American Chemical Society

“This is an excellent introductory work for practicing photochemists or those with a particular need to understand how theoretical chemistry and physics can be applied to photochemical synthesis of complex organic molecular structures…Summing up: Highly recommended.”
-Choice, Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

“Long the bible of organic photochemistry and available in a new 2010 edition…its clarity will serve you well.”
-Chemical Education Today

“This text shows the student how the apparent complexity of organic photochemistry can be reduced to a set of simple paradigms that can be applied to all organic functional groups. The critical concepts of electronic and spin interactions are presented in pictorial terms that can be readily understood by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.”
-Andrei Kutateladze, University of Denver

Nicholas J. Turro

Nicholas J. Turro Columbia University

Nicholas J. Turro was the William P. Schweitzer Professor of Chemistry at Columbia University. He has been widely recognized by national and international awards as a leader and pioneer in the area of supramolecular chemistry, organic photochemistry, molecular spectroscopy, host-guest chemistry and magnetic effects on photochemical reactions. In addition he has received awards for excellence in teaching by Columbia University, the National Science Foundation and the American Chemical Society. Read more about the Turro Legacy in the February 2014 issue of Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences.

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V. Ramamurthy

V. Ramamurthy University of Miami

V. Ramamurthy (Murthy) is currently Professor and Chair of Chemistry at University of Miami, FL. He has held appointments at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, The Du Pont Company and Tulane University. He is well-known for his contributions in the area of solid-state chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and organic photochemistry. His current interest includes chemistry in confined spaces.

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J. C. Scaiano

J. C. Scaiano University of Ottawa

J.C. (Tito) Scaiano holds the Canada Research Chair in Applied Photochemistry at the University of Ottawa. He is widely recognized for his work on mechanisms in photochemistry and physical organic chemistry. His current research interests include the application of these fields to nanochemistry, imaging, chemical sensors, and the health sciences.

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