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John E. Straub

John E. Straub

Boston University

John E. Straub is Professor of Chemistry at Boston University.  He received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Maryland at College Park, where he worked with Millard H. Alexander, and his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Columbia University, where he worked with Bruce J. Berne. He was a NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, where he worked with Martin Karplus.  He has been a visiting professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Nagoya University in Japan, Montana State University, and Université Grenoble Alpes. His research in theoretical and computational molecular science explores the dynamics and thermodynamics of proteins, membranes, and complex molecular assemblies, as well as algorithmic development for optimization, enhanced sampling, and long-time dynamics. He has served as President of the Telluride Science Research Center (TSRC), as Phi Beta Kappa National Visiting Scholar, and as Associate Editor of The Journal of Chemical Physics.

Books by John E. Straub

Mathematical Methods for Molecular Science: Theory and Applications, Visualizations and Narrative
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