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Donald Goldsmith

Donald Goldsmith

Interstellar Media

Donald Goldsmith was the science editor and co-writer of the PBS television series The Astronomers and the co-writer of NOVA’s Is Anybody Out There? with Lily Tomlin. He has written and edited 15 books on astronomy, including The Runaway Universe, Worlds Unnumbered, Supernova!, and The Hunt for Life on Mars. Donald Goldsmith received his Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of California, Berkeley, and has taught astronomy courses there and at other institutions, including Stanford University, Cornell University, and the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has received the lifetime achievement award in popularizing astronomy from the American Astronomical Society, the science writing award from the American Institute of Physics, and the Dorothea Klumpke-Roberts award for increasing public awareness of astronomy from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Books by Donald Goldsmith

The Search for Life in the Universe, Third Edition Worlds Unnumbered: The Search for Extrasolar Planets
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